Educational Biography

Following her graduation from the “Conservatorio Superior del Liceo de Barcelona” with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Singing/Performance (Títol Superior de Cant), Anna Feu continued her training as a soloist and pedagogue, primarily under the direction of Carmen Martinez Lluna (Singing Professor at “Conservatorio Superior de Valencia”), Kurt Widmer (Singing Professor at “Basel Superior Conservatory”, Switzerland) and Cynthia Sanner (Singing Professor at the New York “Julliard School”).

After 1995, Anna Feu started her trajectory as singing professor with an intense dedication to research and practice. Since then, she has been synthesizing her teaching, with the goal of finding the simplest, most beautiful, smooth, flexible and resonant voice possible. Using as a basis the natural movement of the body, the result of the relationship between all of its joints, she applies this concept directly to the emission and development of the voice, as well as to musical and artistic performance.  This combination of knowledge, teaching practice and experience as soloist on numerous stages allows her to understand the mechanisms, as well as the physical and mental reactions, of practicing singers.

Under the tutorship of Anna Feu many students from different countries as Spain, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Italy and Poland have been trained. The majority of these students are practicing professional singers, soloists and professors at Advanced Music Conservatories, chorus members of “Gran Teatro del Liceo”, “Cor Lidercamera”, “Cor Madrigal”, etc… Some of them have trained from the beginning; and many others, graduates from different conservatories, have done or are currently doing post graduate training with Anna Feu. Some of them have been awarded in international competitions.

Since 2012 Anna Feu has been Director of the Singing and Lyrics Department and Singing Professor at Eólia (“Escola Superior d’ Art dramátic de Catalunya”) (Advanced School for Dramatic Arts of Catalonia, Barcelona). In addition she has had the responsibility of periodically organizing diverse master-classes for internal and external students, which to date have had teachers such as Kurt Widmer (prestigious Swiss baritone and teacher), Cynthia Saaner (mezzosoprano and pedagogue from the Julliard School), Xavier Albertí (theatre director and director of the “Teatre Nacional de Catalunya”), Elio Orciuolo (Orchestra Director, Director of Panama’s Opera, Bari…), etc.

In June 2012 she initiated collaboration with the University of Norte de Barranquilla (Colombia), one of the most prestigious music institutions in Latin America, to perform a Master-class in singing. This started an interactive process between Eòlia and the Colombian university that generated an ongoing student and teacher exchange that continued developing throughout 2013.

A singular aspect of Anna’s work is voice work with choirs. Using her vocal technique she works to achieve a homogeneous sound from each cord, resolve vocal problems that distort the beauty of voice emission or help minimize specific musical challenges in the chorus to be performed.

She applies this approach in Eòlia, with the choral groups of L’Atelier and the adult chorus… as well as in France, where she, besides training students as soloists, also works regularly since 1998 with choirs from the Arcanes, Forbelles voices, L’Echoo des Rafalles, etc…  In the different choirs they practice general vocal technique (in order to achieve a homogeneous sound from each vocal cord and resolve vocal problems that perturb them) and specific vocal technique for particular works that the choir will perform.

Anna Feu is also knowledgeable of the Catalan repertoire from the XX and XI centuries, which she has frequently performed. She has also premiered multiple works of contemporary composers such as Salvador Brotons and Albert Guinovart, among many others.

She is also very knowledgeable and frequent performer of the French repertoire. Her control of the language (she attended primary school at the French School), her work relationship since 1992 as a performer with French musicians in frequent French recitals, as well as her experience teaching French singers, have provided Anna Feu with a special background to understand French music.

She is also knowledgeable of the German Lied repertoire as a result of her studies at the Salzburg Mozarteum, at the Basel Conservatory and through her participation in numerous courses in Austria and Germany (1992- 2004) under Kurt Widmer, Charles Spencer, Kerstin Mayer and Paul Schilawsky, among many others. She has also obtained the Intermediate Degree in German at the Goethe Institute of Barcelona.

Besides Catalan, Anna Feu speaks fluent Spanish, French and Italian, languages which she studied for her Classic Language Degree at the “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona”.